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This is the portfolio site of Chicago-based comic and illustration artist Paul Walker. Here you'll find examples of his comic and poster work as well as his contact information.


I live with bread like you, feel want, taste grief,
Need friends. Subjected thus,
How can you say to me I am a king?
— Shakespeare's "Richard II"

Since watching Ben Whishaw's portrayal of Richard II in the BBC's redention of the Henriad, I have fallen in love with the character and the tragic play he belongs to. Originally created as one in a series of plays highlighting Queen Elizabeth's right to rule, Richard II, as a character has developed from a greedy, feminine ruler who believed he ruled by god's will, into a study of power, frailty and betrayl. Richard, as a character, has always been played as very feminine, sometimes even being played by a woman, while his main antagonist, Henry Bolingbrook, is always a very macho and machiavellian man. This conflict of opposites and the subsequent tragedy has significant relevance in today's society where we are seeing the creation gender roles challenged; a topic I highly doubt was on Shakespeare's mind when he made the play. 

Since seeing the 2013 rendition, I have found many of my character's being heavily influenced in turn, becoming once mighty characters now ripped from their seats of power and having to accept their ends, whether to servitude or to the grave.