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This is the portfolio site of Chicago-based comic and illustration artist Paul Walker. Here you'll find examples of his comic and poster work as well as his contact information.




I'm a Chicago-based artist from Nashville, TN. My main focus in art has been the writing of Comics and story telling. I'm also very interested in printmaking, voice acting and teaching art.

I'm very thankful for choosing art as my focus in life. I feel that what I've learned over the past 8 years has helped me take the world at more than face value. Through story telling, I can pick apart pieces of my life experiences and turn them in to tools to grow with, and by that process, help others grow too.

I believe comics are an excellent way to teach and learn. They can come in so many forms and cover so many topics. Living for the past 5 years as part of the Chicago art scene has shown all the wonderful things one can do through comics. You don't need to be a great artist to be a magnificent comic artist. You just need to be able to express yourself.